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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Healthy's the new Sexy

      "Healthy's the new Sexy!"

Believe me.

A lovely gal from another country, created this for me; Raw Kat in Van, B.C.

Maybe when she travels closer to the North Pole, she will find out  .
how to warm to any occasion.. while loving herself, with raw, healing foods.

My son is now 17 and 6 ft 3!
Wonder why?

Over half of King Kaelin's life, spent eating raw, vegan  fare - so there!

While most teen's faces are riddled with pimples or even sadder; acne, my boy
sports the most incredible, flawless complexion. Due to all of his years, well
spent- enjoying a detoxifying, cleansing, nourishing lifestyle.

Self Love is where it is at, baby!

Call me to find out how ..
For i am sure you know, ' why?"

I am 54 years young and have been loving myself on this real and rawk'n
elevated plane of consciousness - for close to 12 years, now


Never turning back .. no way
Just feels .. too rawk'n amazing!!!

" This is the missing connection," i gleefully exclaimed to Victoria Boutenko,
 close to 2 decades ago.

Soon after .. she hired me to photograph her 2 terrific teens, for their first
rawstrck online bestseller: " Eating without Heating.:"

A pure and precious pleassure.

Be sure to call ahead and book me for your upcoming living foods consultation.

 Vancovuer's House of RAWK

cell:" 604-762-0363


Looking forward to serving you up some slimming supper and super satisfying soul service,

raw kat in Van



The adorable , above .. pic of our 2 lovable Lab pups .. taken on Gabriola Island,
 last yummy year. Thelma and Edward eat dried Dulse,  tons of veggies, pulp from
the juicer, and only a bit of fresh, local, seasonal apple or fresh berries. Always
 organic, too.

Yes, they are carnivorous. Look at their teeth.
Yet, as ommivore's - they require fresh veggies, too.
So, why shouldn't .. you?