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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mid September Feast under a Ful Mother Moon - Local, Organic Fare served up by one Rawsome Chef!

This early close to mid-September morn, after plucking summer's last crop of juicy raspberries, right off of the tender high-reaching vine, one grateful homeschooling Momma K, biked home, under a full and rawk'n Mother Moon.

After an intense upper body workout at the gym, and a detoxifying sauna, I was rawsomely inspired by my teen homeschooler - Baby K - as he dug into a Botiga fermented olive that i was setting out on a tray, alongside some rawk'n fresh, local fare, that I was intending to photograph.

Reminded of my own dearly departed Mommy and my parents regular weekend parties ... I re-counted to my raw, vegan son, the story of my construction worker dad, and his hard-working drinking friends, who would come over with their wives, and eat dried out, yeast-ridden Ritz Crackers, and dig into dead olives - floating in brownish brine, with plastic toothpicks. Along with poisoned pickled herring and canned oysters - filled with mercury. Oh, those were - not - the days or daze ...of one more malnourished childhood!

Thus, inspired.. I set to 'work'; preparing my early morn meal of sliced garden tomato - naturally sun ripened, green chlorophyll-laden parsley, garlic - 'Russian Penicillin,' and rounds of rawsome Love.

Ah, yes. Also adding sprinkles of healing Himalyan Crytals, for loads of extra light and energizing energy. Not to mention, amazing minerals that used to so freely float upon this once pure planet, before the divine dinosaurs did so freely roam. Even if most of these mighty meat eaters were known to be carnivores - at least their raw food was not processed, cooked and devastatingly devoid of nutrients.

Liberally drizzled with a a divine dose of purest un-pastuerized olive oil, newly shipped in from Living Tree Foods in Berkley, California - where rawk'n minds make rawsome magic happen.

Hope you enjoy this freshest pic of one www.rawsomechef.com who knows what is good for her, where to pluck it, and how to so gratefully share her beautiful bounty.

in Goddess-sent Abundance,


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Give this Rawstruck Goddess a consciousness-raising call and order your living foods - olives, olive oils, and Tea Tree anointed tooth picks, now!

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