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Friday, February 1, 2008

January Is For Getting Juiced, Jicama, And Jumping For Joy!

To make the beginning of a happy new year ... even happier, talented writer David Orth, kindly sent me a gift of his latest sure to be - bestseller, recently co-authored, with sweetheart supermodel, Carol Alt - Raw 50. Unfortunately, other than missing the opportunity to contribute to his beautiful recipe book, upon his aforementioned request, I was thoughtfully mentioned in the acknowledgement pages, and anticipate possibly working together, in the flavourul future. In the not so meantime, we have been sampling many a rawk'n recipe, created by famous chef's all over North America.Tomorrow, we bite into Raw Pizza with a ground flax seed, soaked almond crust. Topped with sun-dried tomato, macadamia and pine nut cheese, and simple olive tapenade. Even after all these years of living life the only way - RAW - I am constantly, consistently and consciously learning!

On the 5th day of January, I celebrated my 48th birthday at Eternal Abundance, on Commercial Drive. A very clean,affordable local, organic produce market and raw food bar, devoted to the delicious, low-salt, low fat, un-cooking of Dr. Gabriel Cousens.Our favourite item on the menu, so far? The Zghetti with Neat Balls.Of course, and right on course, it would go without saying, if I I hadn't decided to do just that ...is the chocolate fudge, melt in my mouth, so creamy, cake, with a cherry, coconut, sunflower seed crust, was to LIVE for!

Around mid-month, I decided to become really intimate with Jicama, after our delightful friend, Chef Eric Rivkin, turned on our rooted appetites, during his stay at our home, a few mouthwatering months ago. Other than painstakingly peeling, my 11 year old son, has mastered the art of placing the sweetest crunch of a rawsome root vegetable, into our spirooli and going wild! Last night, he served up vegetable spaghetti, on TV, literally. Not, too mention the laundry door and a couple of freshly decorated walls.Long, flowing, 15 ft sweet strands of earthy goodness.. Good thing, we were sampling, before the tastiest, chopped tomato and kalamata olives, dressed so divinely, in oregano, went on top!

Now, as I sip herbal tea, infused with licorice and unapologetically, slurped with a spoonful of creamy, Chilliwack honey, I wonder what shall next month, so fabulously bring forth ...? Some sumptuous details, I do know, are that we are going to take over this weekend's Wellness Show, under The Five Sails Convention Centre, at the resplendent Pan Pacific Hotel. Divinely delivering, into the hottest hands, the coolest colour flyers - Take A Big Bite Out Of Life - and hanging a couple of Rawstruck posters of me biting into the juiciest Costen cherry tomato's, at a trendy health food store, my intention is to simply keep up appearances. Hosting workshops and private conscious consultations. Appearing on an upcoming segment of a very popular television show, as willing accomplice to raising consciousness, through the beyond passing fad of fine, flavorful un-cooking. Marketing and selling my amazing Spirroli's. Putting a passionate plan together for my September visit to Sedona, and continuing to match up my happiest heart with other of the sane like-mindfulness and whole-hearted soul self.

My Raw Truth,

Katherine Marion