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Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Mature and Magnificent

Raw Health Chef - Eric Rivkin's October 20th, Vancouver live-food seminar, was riveting, rawsome and ripe with spiritual nutrition for the hungry soul. Acting as assistant and photographer at Academie Duello, where one youthful 53 year young man, showed his sumptuous savvy and sold his spirooli's, I was filled with vegan spaghetti, frozen banana, coconut treats and the delicious wonder of it all!

Eric spoke of the benefits of living a raw lifestyle for the past 10 years and how he "keeps looking younger and younger". Wait til we show you the pics and you see our recently up-loaded video's - www.youtube.com/rawsomechef. Be sure and post some uplifting commentary and rate our home-movie clips 'tops's"!

Which brings me to reading Victoria's recent email and the gifts she has to share as a qualified nurse with a family of raw foodists that have overcome fatal disease and fully compromised health. Read what she has to write about Tanya's new book, which I will soon be reviewing, and let me know how your appetite is surely whetted ...

New excellent book by Tonya Zavasta: Quantum Eating:The Ultimate Elixir of Youth
When a beautiful young girl turns your head ”Wow! When a radiant fifty years young woman turns back the clock ”How?

Here are the ready-to-use secrets on acquiring superior health and a youthful glow, while avoiding the unattractiveness of aging.

Quantum Eating is the gate to health and longevity. Questions about aging which have baffled thinkers and scientists for centuries are answered in clear,straight talk mingled with attainability and hope. This truly mind-energizing book is filled with fresh insights that challenge our most basic assumptions.
Now available at www.rawfamily.com Price $30.00

Keep on Rawk'n
Love Katherine

P.S. Since I am now the B.C. and Vancouver distributor for spirooli's, you may contact me at 604-677-1569 or send me an email, to order one of your vital life-enhancement tools, which shall help you maintain your own youth and zest for a life even more well worth the living!