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Monday, January 21, 2013

Grateful Goddess of Gabriola, B.C. - gives thanks - Rawsomely!

Katherine moves in .. to RAWK on Gabriola, B.C.

Wearing a fluffy hat from the Gyro, I am sitting sorta pretty; after preparing my precious plate .. a plenty.With hy-dried Nori sheets - that i sell, I felt it only fair to share and tell ...

                 I turned 53 on this fair-weathered isle; Jan 5th.

Not a supernatural soul to extole my valiant virtues ... other than the local turkeys that oggle and gobble .....narying to bother to even look my raw, vegan  way. When not running in the enchanted forest .. with our 2 carnivorous Lab puppies, I am biking  over to the local village grocer - the only one on this wee wonder of a new and precious planet -  to check out the latest out of season and non-indigenous produce. 

Although i did recently do a root cellar celery trade .. and receive a "starting in the Springtime," outdoor work offer .. over at www.GoodEarth.com . Sow those seeds .. to reap and rawk-on!

Soon, i shall be moving from this peaceful  turkey-neck of the woods, to an even more ideal setting ...
Stay tuned in and turned on .. as this raw and real gal; really gets .. going. 

Greater news and Goddess-sent sensations -soon and always. 

Be sure to order your organically orgasmic raw cocoa, non-dairy chocolate, soaked seeds,fermented  nuts, cheeses, olive oils, salads, smoothies, and any other ingenious and consciousness-raising configuration - anyone can imagine ..here!!!

In her highest powers,

Kate never too late -after 30 years in the big city - to put giant hopes into the healthier and happier hearts of magically-made .. many,



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Then, book something beautiful to behold and be bewitched .. by!


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