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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rawsome Thanksgiving at Radha Yoga Eatery

As I danced up the narrow brick stairwell to Radha Yoga Eatery on Main Street, where the old Puccini's used to be, when I was young and 'cooked', I knew I was in for the terrific turkey-less treat of a luscious lifeline!

Sexy music blasting and hot high heel booted babe of a waitress serving up beers for a table of German meat eaters. Full bar ready to go and all I saw was the raw menu and a yoga space I am revved to rent for my upcoming end of November PUTTING The SEXY INTO SPAGHETTI workshop.

I sit here, stuffed and satiated, after bringing home a doggie bag, overflowing with rawstruck gifts for my sleeping son, soon awake and sharing with his yummiest Mommy. As if I haven't had my Lioness' share, already. Yet, again, I know you can't get fat on Raw, so let's do it ...

We start with the freshest organic, assorted salad of local greens, including my favorite; arugula, along with sliced red beets, slivered almonds and sun-dried pumpkin seeds. Drizzled with divinely delicious lemon and honey dressing, to un-dress for!

Next, I heartily dig into the most consciousness-raising creation of a creamy, dreamy, veggie lasagna, filled with the smoothest hemp configuration, a hungry mouth could water over ... Oh, and the cashew cheese was beyond appetizing. No fat in that raw dairy, baby.

Since the house-specialty of sinfully sumptuous nori rolls takes a while, my appetizer was served, soon after my richly layered lasagna. Wow! I am coming back just for a full force feed of THE BEST RAWK'N SUSHI I have ever tasted! Quite liberally liberated with the rawstruck addition of Braggs Amino's and a teaser to catch between your teeth; of sesame seeds soaked in the sweetest, succulent substitute for soy sauce, every chinese food restaurant and SAD eater, should run to Rawsome Momma about!

Alright, you are literally aching to taste the melt in my heart living chocolate cake, bursting at the center with strawberry fields forever .... Need I mention the sexiest sliced wide-open figs? Looking up at me, with tenderness. Inviting. Exciting. Delighting my every sensory awakening. Opening up to a whole new RAWSOME REASON TO GIVE THANKS!!!!

Katherine Marion

P.S. Please enjoy this gift from Chef Robert at Radha: Recipe For Radha Raw Nori Rolls - worth rolling over and over for!

P.P.S. Can't wait to hear from you and yours ... Let me know your interest on my end of November party of the purest and most pleasurable reason to eat raw!


At November 4, 2008 at 10:36 PM , Blogger Hanjo said...


"serving up beers for a table of German meat eaters"

I'm laughing my ass of... While two of those "German meat eaters" are vegan/vegetarian (myself being veggy for 16 years now), and two aren't German, I really wonder why our friendly chef was so attracted to those "German meat eaters" and kept jumping into their conversations all the time. :-D
And why does this little blog story not include her companion, who is probably the most unhealthy looking guy I've ever seen at the Radha?

Anyway, I can only agree with the parts about the delicious food at the Radha!

At December 18, 2008 at 11:00 PM , Blogger Supernatural Team Leader - B.C. Hiking Adventures said...

Heaven-sent Hand for Hanjo,

You need no Banjo - outspoken young man!

Trusting you shall enjoy the pics, soon to be uploaded ( after a mere 2 months ... ). As much as you appreciated fabulous food and friends, at the Rawk'n Radha.

Looking forward to seeing you "laughing your ass off" at our local Vancouver yoga eatery. Anymore "meat eaters" at tasty table-side, , and you will surely have to clean their innards with something more than a wicked sense of holiday humor!!!!

Your Rawsome Xmas Angel,




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