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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Streams of Dreamy, Creamy Consciousness

My 11 year young home-schooler sits on the kitchen floor, hammering young baby Thai Coconuts. My, oh, my! If those hairless babies could only cry... Kaelin's on his second white, furless ball of fresh, EFA rich, calcium laden, energyzing, life - fortifying food from the goddesses. I drink half of the twocups of absolutely nutritious,,naturally, sweet juice; gratefully drained from 8 months of Mother Nature's own perfect gestation. Saving the last cup of life's celebration for a couple of client ordered live, banana cream pies, we are about to consciously prepare.

Fresh, locally grown walnuts, soaked for 12 hours, to remove enzyme inhibitor's. Added along with too many Persian dates, to count. Beautifully blending a wheat, flour and gluten-free crust. Only to be surpassed by a flavorful un-cooked pie filling, of over-ripe bananas and the sweetest coconut meat; combined with pure, vanilla bean and a faint hint of unadulterated chocolate.Topped with rosy, red strawberries - good for the blood and a happy heart!

Divinely Delivered,

P.S. This upcoming Thursday, December 6th, I will be gladly hosting the first of our many yummy living food potluck's. Please check out my "Events" page and email those invites!

P.S. I promise to have a delicious dream from Gaia's Garden, awaiting ...


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