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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rawsomely Appetizing Up-Date

One more sumptuous season, set in magical motion ...

October has already brought forth the annual Taste Of Health Show with rawsome Dr.Douglas N. Graham, sailing in on a gust of crimson coloured leaves, from sun-spent Florida. Last weekends Wellness Show gave countdown to a host of public speakers, including the North Shores Brendan Frazier, promoting his very own and our favourite live Vega Bar. Yesterday, was my second to last weeks visit to The Vancouver Farmers Market at 33rd and Ontario, before autumns first frost. This Saturday is succulently placed in first place for raw food health chef - Eric Rivkin's - "Raw Food Secrets" seminar, from 3-6 pm, at Gorilla Foods Restaurant ( www.GorillaFood.com ) - 422 Richards St, Vancouver, B.C.

With golden hues and hints of sunshine in chilling pre-winter air, this certified chef and her 11 year young homeschooling live-fooder, Kaelin, shall certainly warm to the tempting tastes of another of our kindred kind. We will be interviewing the nationally recognized Eric Rivkin, as we digest divinities of nutritious, organic Spicy Indian Rawsmati Ryce, 'Tater Salad with Lemon Dill Dressing, Orange Ginger Gelato, and Gone Gorilla Smoothie. In the most inviting space, upstairs on the second floor, at Academie Duello's (www.academieduello.com) beautiful brick walled, wooden floored, vaulted ceilings, consciousness-raising presentation, this weekend shall lend itself well to all whom wish to be fell bed, before walking out; more informed, feeling well, and looking even younger than they did when they first walked into a new and wondrous world.

Sharing The Truth,
Katherine Marion


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