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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sustainable and Attainable

A bowl of locally grown honey dew melon, before a workout at the gym. Fresh, wholesome food to build a naturally beautiful, toned body, that runs on it's own fuel. Biking after a bowl of organic fruit is simply creating your most delicious dream. Bringing to life your fantasies in the form of fast, quick, clean energy can be a whole lotta fun, when trusting your instincts to feed you the truth. 'The body never lies' is a statement too long gone unheard. Hearing our inner voice is the only chance we really have for survival. So listen up ...

An hour and a half, spent outdoors, biking downtown, to pick up more Superfoods. Mulberries from Turkey; "high in protein" and "an excellent source of Vitamin C and iron". Maca: a root vegetable cultivated in the mountains of Peru, "an adaptogen which helps restore stamina, promote hormonal balance and support emotional well-being". Dulce; an alkalinizing, calcium rich, sun dried sea vegetable, harvested off the East Coast of Canada. Healing foods that empower people, employ through fair trade, and prove "You are what you eat!"

Two hours spent stretching, performing two hundred core strengthening abdominals, and lifting weights; for a strong, meant to last vehicle. "You have one crazy, fit body!" the young girl, Danielle, at the front desk, affirms, with a nod of appreciation, before making more positive commentary concerning my "butt". I thank her for her rare honesty and worthwhile praise and tell her how much her compliments truly mean. Too many say all too much about what is seemingly 'not right', rather than be inspired by another or others whom are 'out there' building the dream they so often justly desire.I simply appreciate every ray of light that comes my wondrous way ...

We are able to build muscle by eating fruit and greens. Look at the mighty four-hundred pound Gorilla. The Zebra. The Horse. The Giraffe. Herbivores eat from Nature and are given all the grounding and natural nutrition, they need, in rawsome return. No protein shake, no whey products weighing you down, no raw eggs to swallow with your nose plugged, no muscle building chemical molotov cocktail to turn you into "Arnie", no aberration to keep your from your highest and most potently perfect self. None of the real, good stuff can you buy on the shelf. Gotta look after your own health. Know what goes into your precious body. Thereby, knowing all lessons the almighty Universe teaches are the ones you must open your ears and your heart, to ...

An ever growing appetite for Life and Self Love,

Katherine Marion


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