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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Nat Bailey Farmer's Market - 33rd and Ontario

Two voluptuous ripe melon's, three basket's of blueberries, ten pounds of deep purple plums, and over a dozen juicy peaches - all farm fresh, organic, unsprayed, locally grown and freshly plucked! Under a loving West Coast Sun, my eleven year old homelearner and I, gladly make a 20 mile return bike-ride to purchase nutrent rich produce grown in Costen, B.C. Ffilling our backpack's, pannier's and hungery mouth's with enough green and yellow speckled string beans, beets, sweet onions, heirloom tomatoes, garlic and basil to fill our fridge and whet our appetitie's for a well fed week. Gaia's gorgeous goodies, grown nearby, shipped practically to our doorstep; with a paltry price tag for loving labour and shipping - of $80.00. For any other community consumer, even the regular cost of $120.00 would be a more than a sweet sampling of a steal. Only at Klipper's!

Check out www.EatLocal.ca for more delicious dirt ...


P.S. Tell Anna Marie I sent you. You may very well receive a succulent surprise!


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