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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My Christmas Gift - The Raw Truth!

On the highest intentional level, I chose raw because there was no safe place left to go. About 6 years ago, I instinctively picked up Julianno's - Power Of Raw . I was hooked ... Spending my nights whipping up exotic cashew delights and keeping my oven on as low as possible, since I did not yet own a dehydrator. Beginning my raw food foray with the most complicated, high fat recipes, I ate gourmet every delicious day. Of course, after hosting my much celebrated and media lauded sexy, late-night radio/web/TV show, I was living in the lap of luxury in a luxurious, leased Coal Harbor condo and still had some money remaining from one more ICBC claim. Getting hit by 4 cars ri a chaotic 8 years, while riding a bicycle, has somehow gotta pay!

It was a few months later, while holed up in the YWCA, under an alias, with my 5 year old Son, that I met Victoria Boutenko. Five months of sanctuary in the seeming heart of Vancouver, hiding from MCFD and my ex. Synergy came in the form of prayers answered when Kaelin and I attended the Boutenko (www.rawfamily.com) workshop in False Creek. That chilly spring morning, we cycled to the genuine warmth of the first raw gathering either of us had ever attended. Devouring only freshly prepared
live-foods for the whole weekend, I got sick. Quickly realizing how the healthy, organic, vegan food we were so carefully steaming was hurting us, we began to detoxify and heal. I still remember excitedly announcing to Victoria, "This is the missing link!" I had already made the conscious decision to follow my instincts, rather than the old path, that seemed to so easily lead me astray. Good fortune abounding, Victoria loved my photography, telling me, " I didn't know you were such a good photographer!" Close to immediately, I was hired to photograph Valya and Sergei's first self-published book: "Eating Without Heating". I took my cameras out of storage and began a new life with deeper meaning and healthier friends.

A while later, living atop an old penthouse overlooking Lost Lagoon, I began attending Niciza Divic's (www.wahfoods.com) Sunday evening workshops, served up with delicious dinners in the basement of a Kitsilano church on Larch Street. Dr. Raw was so kind to allow us to eat his delicacies and attend for free It was here that I met my first rawsome client, John, whom hired me on the sweetest spot, to un-cook for him. I began making daily divine deliveries to a marble floored suite at the opulent Wall Center. After all, I had already unwittingly joked, "If I am going to cater to a man, I am going to get paid for it!" Once again ... Be careful what you joke about ... it might just come true".

Which is probably why a tired single Mother, or any, at times, frustrated parent, should never threaten their child with being taken away by the ministry. Sure enough ... With 37 anonymous slanderous claims against me, one welfare recipient ( not quite the state lottery ) had
her beloved boy of 8 years, apprehended by the Government, on grounds of possible starvation. Remember, only 2% of the world population were eating 100% living foods at this time of history in the not always so magical making. Even after a battery of every unconceivable and unbelievable tests at Vancouver Children's Hospital, only positive lab test results came forth. Still, the next morning an unannounced battalion of court ordered police, document writing social workers, and a public health nurse took an innocent boy away from his devoted Mommy. For 7 torturous months, one raw fooder was forced to barely live, as an unwelcome foster child, with a couple of homosexual carnivores. Kaelin was practically force-fed Burger King and McDonalds on a deadly and daily basis. Gaining 10 pounds of unhealthy fat on a lean frame and sprouting ugly whiteheads all over his perfect body, from a grossly overloaded lymphatic system, I was terrified for my little boys life!

My dysfunctional family virtually forced me to sign my malnourished, jaundiced Mom away to Riverview mental institution, in 1978, as my very own graduation present. Another abuse I wasn't quite willing to recognize.This is only after my beloved younger siblings were apprehended, for the second time. Three lovely sisters were relegated to two separate homes. My brother was already in a boys home. Shortly after my gentle, mild mannered, and most forgiving Mom was driven away ( not to be released for years ), in the back of a police car, I suffered the lingering inequities of sexual assault. A convicted DO on parole for raping and murdering a 12 year old girl (www.SupernaturalWoman.com - archival 2001) preyed upon this unwitting victim, with poetry and baked salmon dinners.Of course, I was already numb. Denial can be such a lack-luster hell, where you lie to only yourself. Which is surely why I developed malignant cervical cancer at 22 and underwent a cone-biopsy. Good thing I believed in doctors. Now, I practice self-prevention and take a pro-active stance. Which is how I finally recovered my Son and realized how insane far too many in this wondrous world have so SAD-ly become.

Continuing to eat raw in the face of absolute adversity kept me sane. Educating ministry paid supervisors on the creation of delicious salads, homeschooling my abused Son on his paltry 2-3 hour visits, 2-3 times a week, was beyond heart-breaking. In order to keep myself stable and heal my Son, I kept grounded with life-enhancing foods from the ever abundant earth. Feeding our souls and reviving our spirits, circumstances began to turn around, in our favor. With a keen sense of passion, perseverence and passion, I kept myself centered, as I fed those around me sunshine and magic. What else could a wise woman growing into her own wisdom and sense of herself do?

It's been 2 1'2 years since my Son has been returned safely home. Documented bruising has disappeared.The bumps are gone. His eyes have regained their natural sparkle. He literally eats like a horse - a 74 lb thoroughbred in the healthy breeding.
My Mom has recently passed away, after being almost forgotten in a pretty facade of a government funded nursing home, with no real family awake enough to support her recognizance after a broken pelvis, caused by a fall. Neglect. Gross abandonment. What can I do other than cry every day over not giving her the gift of a life she so deserved and wanted? As a good friend of mine recently remarked, "She would have wanted you to be happy". And, I am. This Christmas, as I look upon a picture of my dearest meat eating daddy, who died of a broken heart ( they call it a heart-attack") in 1993, as he carves open a hormone injected turkey, I smile ...

I count my blessings this holiday season. Giving myself and my Son peace of mind is the best thing I can possibly do. Every time I pick up a locally grown apple, munch an organic Okanogan pear, tear open a calcium-enriched head of green-powered kale, or drink a perfectly balanced, electrolyte-packed exotic coconut, I practice loving myself. All the injustices that were inflicted upon me, my loved ones, and countless others, are undone when I look after looking after me. Nurturing oneself can be a whole-hearted affair.Love comes to us in so many miraculous forms. The multi-faceted points of a precious diamond shine brilliantly for all to see and appreciate. Hold close the love I send for it is already yours.

With the sweet, juicy clarity of living consciously,
Katherine Marion

P.S. For Conscious Catering and Counseling - contact Katherine:ph 266-LIVE ( 5483)



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