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Saturday, January 30, 2010

ORGANIC LIVES in our Olympic Village of Vancouver!

Within the fetchingly fair Olympic Village of sunny Vancouver, lives an organic, vegan, living foods community; conscious, curious and uncustomarily accustoming new visitors to a wholesome new way of dining, living, and beautifully being. Be sure and check out http://www.organiclives.org/ or simply dine in or take-out from a delicious array of orgasmically divine dishes; prepared with love and human kindness.

Caesar Salad to salivate over ... No wonder I have waited a wholesome 20 years to try on a brand new consciousness-raising crouton - consisting of ground un-pastuerized almonds from Spain, rawsomely fresh romaine lettuce and Himalayan pine seed herb-infused dressing. Delectably drizzling my teased and tempestuous tastebuds; made rawsomely whole and heavenly happy.

Sushi Nori Rolls to raw'k ... Hand-rolled delights of delicious divinity. Hy-dried seaweed filled with magical minerals to balance hormones and keep your thyroidal thermostat beautifully aligned. Pecan paste purely and preciously pressed against a magical medley of gorgeous green veggies and the smoothest flesh of vine-ripened avocado that you will ever wondrously wish to blessedly know. The no-soy sauce is not a secret, yet to savor is to share ... So see you there!

Tortilla Soup to serenely sip ... A heaping bowl of happiness to blow your senses - literally! As your nose runs for joy and hungry lips seek more of the magic that hot peppers can purely and perfectly bring unto blissful being, sate yourself with a most flavorful and beyond filling serving of complete sensory satisfaction.

'Real cashew' chocolate cream cheese-cake to make luscios love to ... Annointed with the entixing elixer of ripest red raspberry coulis to completely complement a conscious meal ; made of mouth-watering magic and the highest vibrational frequency, earthly intentions of superstar proportions could ever divinely dream of ...

Merely a few of the bold and beautiful bites I have been so blessed to brazenly bite into ... upon this enchanted eve of a soon to be wondrously waning full moon. Set within the wonderment of our fair Olympic Village, an epic pedigree of Orgasmically Organic Olympian proportions!!!!


Merely the foreplay ... until our next visit, where I shall continue to perfectly please your precious palate with wondrously wicked writings of deepest, darkest, richest, raw chocolate; sweetened with agave, and filled with the fuel-packed fibre of protein-laden freshly harvested Manitoba Harvest Hemp. As in LIVING tHEMPle - handsomely handcrafted vegan chocolate bars to live and love for!


Can hardly and humbly wait for you to view more appetizing visual stimuli, captured by magical me; such as the above plate of fabulous healing foods - http://www.3rdeyefoto.com/ - once the all-supporting universe brings in my perfect match of a Goddess-sent graphic designer for my soon to be perfected photographic web site set high ...



At February 5, 2010 at 9:17 AM , Blogger Jeangabe said...


At February 5, 2010 at 9:17 AM , Blogger Jeangabe said...


At February 6, 2010 at 4:08 AM , Blogger Supernatural Team Leader - B.C. Hiking Adventures said...

And, your rawsomely welcome for the Goddess-sent gifts of writing this rawstruck review - JEANNE.

No wonder I write and speak in positive affirmations. To make up fot those whom know not ...

I suggest a lifestylf of raw and living foods; causing a person to become more conscious and caring.


Special K EVERY DAY!


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