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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cocoa Beans - the chewy, sweet stuff of real, pure Chocolate!!!!!

Naturally sun-dried wholesomely whole .. raw, organic cocoa beans from Costa Rica - freshly shipped to me!!!

"" I got one kilo of Cocoa Beans, Baby!" is what i said to the Canada Post lady, over here on Gabriola Island, the other day.
Having such fun .. picking up my brown bag of blessed nuggets that Mother Nature dropped in my lap. - to share and get naturally high - on.

I see so many .. with no energy, at all.
Maybe they better try a gem of goodness that literally lights up their life .. rife with rasome goodness.pu

Grind up this hearty ban to make your own power balls, sumptuous smoothie, rawk'n  chocolate bars, or just bite in ..
to kick start your divine day!

You know how they say," Chocolate is the Love Drug."
So , here's to getting supernaturally high ..
and Happy.

Sharing my bliss,
Katherine in Goodness and Greatness
rawsomechef@yahoo.ca to pick up or have delivered .. your deliciously nutritious superfood!!!!



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