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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Olivico Olive Oils For Sale and Safest Healing

OLIVICO Olive oil - the only pure, virgin, no-radiated, supernatural way to go!

Most olive oils are already rancid - on the shelf!

Too few people know the defining difference ...

I just brought in a  dozen bottles of these pure and precious babies.
So, come over to Gabriola.Island, B.C.

For those of you, already on isle; simply email me and we will see how
 many ways ... you can remember to love yourself.

Here are simply  a few RAWmnders:

Enzymatically-alive, unadulterated healing oil for eating atop salads, in
marinades, dressings, soups, and just plain .. drinking - i saw an Isreali
who used to do this, he was slim and energetic.

Natural moisturizer for skin - in bath, or topically - after showering.

Mmmm.. even as a super sexy lubricant - surely - if needed

Skin softening massage balm - helping you to relax and live longer

So many healthy, helpful uses.

You already know that ..
So, let this .. be your rawkn memory-board; that each and every bottle goes
a long way. And a dozen bottles .. go  .. really fast.

I am actually preparing some of my famed Kats Does Kale chips - ha
- just named them!

Popped a tray - which consists of merely one bunch of curly, green
kale - lovingly slathered in Olicico olive oil, hemp seed nuts - which i sell, too -
aynd detoxifying cumin, Himalayan  Crystals, and all else... you wish ..
 to spice up your life - and cause you  lot to feel a heaven-sent lot better!!!!

Now, i could not resist .. after writing this .. I had to try my latest .. and greatest.

Guess what - WOW/!

I may even share some rawstruck recipes .. when you buy up a whole un-baker's dozen!

Let me know.

Innate Intelligence in the Glow,

Kat does Know


ph: 1-250-247-7166

www.paypal.com - rawsomechef@yahoo.ca

Pricing - plus shipping - if off-island - additional

Each bottle - retails for $15.00

1/2 dozen bottles to get divinely 'drunk' on : $80.00
less.$/s... when you purchase even more ...


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