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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Un-Cooking with Katherine at House of RAWK

Katherine's House of RAWK

, The  House of RAWK is a healing home whrre family, friends, and real-atives, come to play in the kitchen
.Real, rawsome goodies served up in the homey, hopeful presence of Goddess
and her divine disciples.

Working together; preparing precious fesasts .. of the supernatural senses.
Aavoury delicacies to please the palate and the pocket-book.

Serving up organic fare that feeds the soul and  hungry of heart. who come to share Gabriola Island 'time'
 spirit's sublime sendings ...

creating new beginnings
and happiest endings!

This magical morn; in this pretty room; i have soaking; unhulled sesame seeds, for the latest greatest batch of " She's Got Balls"
Pwerful anti-oxidant rich mine-fields of highest force-field's factoring' in...
Remember, it is the person with the most vibrant vibration .. that wins!

By the end of  this week; going strong; I have being delivered, freshest cocoa beans from Costa Rica.
So alive and filled with light .. that the pods ae actually able to sprout!
What a non-smok'n way .. to get naturally high ...

This wonderful weekend; crunchy sprouted granola; no wheat, gluten or daily. Not even in the mylk;
made with soaked non-radiated almonds or local unpastuerized hazelnuts from this fall's windfall.
Topped with dates to go wild with .. a match made in healing heaven.

Goji Berries to melt your mind .. over.
Dun-dried Okanogan Cherries to eat like gumdrops - with better rawstruck results.
Garlic Pistachio's already carck'n open and ready to be greedily devoured.
Bee pollen from a nearby Aviary that does not feed it's giving-Bee's antibiotics or penicillin
Fermented Olives from Ecuador to send your socks to the floor
Sweetest, crisp , rosy apples, from a neighboring famer who won;t be able to shut his barn door
Sunflower seeds to soak and blend into the finest s hommuis; this side of the North Pacific
Sun-loved Nori sheets; hailing from the East Coast; no heat, burn ord never to toast
This season's crop of the most wondrous walnuts; drizzled with creamy honey; to indulge in as you so dare
Multitudes of magc
to make..
mostly to show yourself and this hopeful planet
you care!!!

I am grateful for the gifts of my wisdim, knowledge, compassion,, and  intuition;
guding us as we go .. and grow .. and go ..
into the light ...

Sleep tight. y
I am

Katherine Marion

rawsomechef@yahoo.ca to order your miracle foodstuff, create your own delicious dishes, or have sumptuous samplings delivered unto your upcoming unconventional convention . Mostly, to help support you and yours ... in your added "ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
For sweet and supernatural sure!



Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Olivico Olive Oils For Sale and Safest Healing

OLIVICO Olive oil - the only pure, virgin, no-radiated, supernatural way to go!

Most olive oils are already rancid - on the shelf!

Too few people know the defining difference ...

I just brought in a  dozen bottles of these pure and precious babies.
So, come over to Gabriola.Island, B.C.

For those of you, already on isle; simply email me and we will see how
 many ways ... you can remember to love yourself.

Here are simply  a few RAWmnders:

Enzymatically-alive, unadulterated healing oil for eating atop salads, in
marinades, dressings, soups, and just plain .. drinking - i saw an Isreali
who used to do this, he was slim and energetic.

Natural moisturizer for skin - in bath, or topically - after showering.

Mmmm.. even as a super sexy lubricant - surely - if needed

Skin softening massage balm - helping you to relax and live longer

So many healthy, helpful uses.

You already know that ..
So, let this .. be your rawkn memory-board; that each and every bottle goes
a long way. And a dozen bottles .. go  .. really fast.

I am actually preparing some of my famed Kats Does Kale chips - ha
- just named them!

Popped a tray - which consists of merely one bunch of curly, green
kale - lovingly slathered in Olicico olive oil, hemp seed nuts - which i sell, too -
aynd detoxifying cumin, Himalayan  Crystals, and all else... you wish ..
 to spice up your life - and cause you  lot to feel a heaven-sent lot better!!!!

Now, i could not resist .. after writing this .. I had to try my latest .. and greatest.

Guess what - WOW/!

I may even share some rawstruck recipes .. when you buy up a whole un-baker's dozen!

Let me know.

Innate Intelligence in the Glow,

Kat does Know


ph: 1-250-247-7166

www.paypal.com - rawsomechef@yahoo.ca

Pricing - plus shipping - if off-island - additional

Each bottle - retails for $15.00

1/2 dozen bottles to get divinely 'drunk' on : $80.00
less.$/s... when you purchase even more ...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Grateful Goddess of Gabriola, B.C. - gives thanks - Rawsomely!

Katherine moves in .. to RAWK on Gabriola, B.C.

Wearing a fluffy hat from the Gyro, I am sitting sorta pretty; after preparing my precious plate .. a plenty.With hy-dried Nori sheets - that i sell, I felt it only fair to share and tell ...

                 I turned 53 on this fair-weathered isle; Jan 5th.

Not a supernatural soul to extole my valiant virtues ... other than the local turkeys that oggle and gobble .....narying to bother to even look my raw, vegan  way. When not running in the enchanted forest .. with our 2 carnivorous Lab puppies, I am biking  over to the local village grocer - the only one on this wee wonder of a new and precious planet -  to check out the latest out of season and non-indigenous produce. 

Although i did recently do a root cellar celery trade .. and receive a "starting in the Springtime," outdoor work offer .. over at www.GoodEarth.com . Sow those seeds .. to reap and rawk-on!

Soon, i shall be moving from this peaceful  turkey-neck of the woods, to an even more ideal setting ...
Stay tuned in and turned on .. as this raw and real gal; really gets .. going. 

Greater news and Goddess-sent sensations -soon and always. 

Be sure to order your organically orgasmic raw cocoa, non-dairy chocolate, soaked seeds,fermented  nuts, cheeses, olive oils, salads, smoothies, and any other ingenious and consciousness-raising configuration - anyone can imagine ..here!!!

In her highest powers,

Kate never too late -after 30 years in the big city - to put giant hopes into the healthier and happier hearts of magically-made .. many,



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