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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Healthy's the new Sexy

      "Healthy's the new Sexy!"

Believe me.

A lovely gal from another country, created this for me; Raw Kat in Van, B.C.

Maybe when she travels closer to the North Pole, she will find out  .
how to warm to any occasion.. while loving herself, with raw, healing foods.

My son is now 17 and 6 ft 3!
Wonder why?

Over half of King Kaelin's life, spent eating raw, vegan  fare - so there!

While most teen's faces are riddled with pimples or even sadder; acne, my boy
sports the most incredible, flawless complexion. Due to all of his years, well
spent- enjoying a detoxifying, cleansing, nourishing lifestyle.

Self Love is where it is at, baby!

Call me to find out how ..
For i am sure you know, ' why?"

I am 54 years young and have been loving myself on this real and rawk'n
elevated plane of consciousness - for close to 12 years, now


Never turning back .. no way
Just feels .. too rawk'n amazing!!!

" This is the missing connection," i gleefully exclaimed to Victoria Boutenko,
 close to 2 decades ago.

Soon after .. she hired me to photograph her 2 terrific teens, for their first
rawstrck online bestseller: " Eating without Heating.:"

A pure and precious pleassure.

Be sure to call ahead and book me for your upcoming living foods consultation.

 Vancovuer's House of RAWK

cell:" 604-762-0363


Looking forward to serving you up some slimming supper and super satisfying soul service,

raw kat in Van



The adorable , above .. pic of our 2 lovable Lab pups .. taken on Gabriola Island,
 last yummy year. Thelma and Edward eat dried Dulse,  tons of veggies, pulp from
the juicer, and only a bit of fresh, local, seasonal apple or fresh berries. Always
 organic, too.

Yes, they are carnivorous. Look at their teeth.
Yet, as ommivore's - they require fresh veggies, too.
So, why shouldn't .. you?


At February 5, 2017 at 7:15 AM , Blogger Zorro Simulated said...

"Kale dried at the mild balmy temperature in dehydrator at 105 degrees is the new bread for the ages, Many have come to know what you knew at 54. And many more will by the time your 64." Dr Kale


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