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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Raw and Real at 51 - Young and Youthful Forever!

My homeschooling teen and I began living the raw, vegan lifestyle, close to 9 yummy years ago. Over half of Kaelin's 15 years on this youthful non-diet, have been 'well spent.' After close to a century ...eating organically and orgasmically, of the seed, and off the vine, from the root and as does the shoot, there is no turning back. Starting our day with fresh lemon; squeezed into water, to cleanse the GI tract. Next, drinking our Himalayan crystal's soaked in water to create a brine. Lastly, an overflowing glass of PH-balanced Greens, follows ...

After drinking 24 oz of pure liquids, upon first arising, a body does what it is naturally meant to do .. if you know what I mean. Detoxification through the natural art of elimination. How perfect a process can it be? A lean, toned physique, smooth, flawless complexion shiny hair, sparkling eyes, and even-minded disposition, has never been easier. Even as a 51 year young, homeschooling, single mommy, possibly entering into peri-menopause; hormonally charged with dwindling supplies of estrogen, intact .. Enzymatically-charged whole foods, are the only way to seriously live one's precious and playful life.

Freshly prepared fruit juices and fruits; a cleansing start to a new and rawsome day. Personally, I prefer to begin with a gorgeous pink grapefruit. You can literally feel the divine difference.

For lunch and/or dinner; a supernatural kale and broccoli sprout salad; served with the 'good fats' of avocado and black Botija olives from Peru. Drizzled with unpastuerized olive oil and sprinkled with herbs and Himalyan crystals. Often, a couple of Kats Hot Flax Crax, to really spice up the divine delivery. So many ways to keep mealtime exciting and meal preparation easy and inviting ...

Snacks can be as simple as soaking a jar of almonds, overnight, rinsing, and eating the next day. Maybe with a dash of Bragg's Amino's, if you like a little season for a rawk'n reason.

'IceDream" as I love to name it; one peeled and frozen banana; put through the Champion juicer and blended with naturally-sweetened Medjool dates or raisins. Whatever your little, luscious heart, dearly desires. For you are the Queen of you Queendom The ruler of your own shining Sun, and the Mother of all magical Moon's.

We eat of Nature. From the Earth do we arise. And, shall we go back into .. Thus, partake of what we are already so magically made of ... Only makes common, courteous and consciousness-raising sense, right?

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