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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HOW IT ALL VEGAN - July column/article for www.theagoranational.ca - The Agora Paper

Katherine Marion - Kat-alyst For Conscientious Change, Raw Chef's Agent, Luscious Living Foods Writer, Award-Winning Third Eye Photographer, Wondrous Life Workshop Leader and Lover Of A Self- Sustainable Life



"Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher."
William Wordsworth

Eating raw,vegan foods was a lifestyle practised by a mere 2% of the world-wide population, a mere 8 years ago. At the butter-less hot-air popcorn munching, sushi-craving, and occasionally salivating over tender roasted chicken eating age of 42, my homeschooling 6 year old and I made the miraculous move to consciously connect to our higher selves. Without even knowing how, on a linear level of cosmic non-comprehension, we already understood that living a kinder, freer, and more compassionate lifestyle was something our hearts and instincts told us we must do - now!

After sharing with Magical MotherVictoria, at one of the Boutenko families first series of Vancouver based raw food demo's and workshop's, "This is the missing link!" Even then, I innately knew where I was meant to be and stay, in order to go beyond my self imposed limitations and the tragic way that my already so S.A.D. society literally defined and defiled me and its very own flavourless self. Merely starting with a bold book on preparing fancy gourmet concoctions consisting of creamy heat-dried cashew concoctions, written by Juliano. Armed only with a stove on low heat and the desire to start making some much desired changes in my ceaselessly non-changing life, I began a journey that I never ever realized would take me towards the joy I am now standing, breathing and unabashedly bathing in ...

So many scintillating stories along the wondrous way of discovering who I truly am and how we are all meant to live and love. A luscious life filled and brimming over with bliss and endlessly overflowing with vibrancy and victory. Is it a wonder that we were never shown this wisest way of creating a kinder, gentler world, when we went to school to learn. Everything we ever needed to comprehend is found within. We are own true wonders and it is only by being kinder to our planet and the beings blessed to be upon it, that we can ever hope to survive, let along thrive. No one can make that defining difference, except us. Even if one or many may or not believe in a bible written by a bunch of dead mean who profess to be able to preach to the often mindless masses, we must "Be true unto oneself." For the garden of Eden beckons to one and all and if we do not listen .. then, only shall we perish.

With the United Nations recently reporting that we are soon long overdue for an burgeoning bulge, not only on our bloated belly of a flailing and failing economy, as already sorely being silently witnessed and unjustifiably allowed.We are rip roaring ripe for a long standing. and sitting on our slackening asses, unconscious crisis of the lowest and impurest common denominator. By slaughtering our pet cow: Clarabelle, and roasting our pretty piglet: Prudence, we have moved further from our Goddess-sent roots than any feeling flower ever would have the pretty petal powered Godl-less gumption to do. We have lost touch with nature and nurture - one of the sanest and same - our true identity and real-ity. All in the nameless name of an impending population explosion due to announce itself in 2050 in the fearful form of 9.1 billion nutritionally and spiritually deprived people!


The recently published U.N. report states:, "Impacts from agriculture are expected to increase substantially due to population growth, increasing consumption of animal products. Unlike fossil fuels, it is difficult to look for alternatives: people have to eat. A substantial reduction of impacts would only be possible with a substantial worldwide diet change, away from animal products." Time to stop chopping up our calves and start opening up our hearts. Carry water. Help our neighbour. Build a compost. Grow a garden instead of watering a useless lawn. Go for a relaxing bike-ride, rather than driving your over-sized polluting car to the big box store where we don't even know where the pesticide-laden killer tomato grows.

Must be how we met Chef Eric Rivkin and his rawk'n delights ... Close to 3 years ago, after my dear Mommy died, thanks to too many false diagnoses and poison pills prescribed by a sinful system that "knows not what it does", we looked into the loving face of a more humane society already creating itself. As we walked the naturally-scented woods of the beautiful UBC Endowment Lands: beginning to really take heed and notice our sumptuous surrounding. Picking free-growing blueberries, at nearby alive and buzzing Camosan Bog: synergy became more a part of our purifying lives and blossoming chain of endearing events, found freshly available and in plentiful abundance, therewithin. Lo and behold, one day, after biking downtown to Gorilla Food Cafe, we met up with Ellen Atkin, the promoter of Eric's upcoming living foods workshop, and next thing you know ... We were not only invited to attend, yet to assist in one rawstruck and enchanting endeavour of the hungriest and highest kind.

Each of us has a calling. Most creatures never discover what their own true potential is. The saddest thing is when we do not know that we can do something, we are someone important just because .... and we can support a world of conscious change with our un-heated efforts and divine inner discipline. This is what we all need to do if we dream of co-existing in a world inflated with rising oil costs, while silently watching the beautiful black blood being mindlessly sucked out of Mother Earth's vital veins and supernaturally orchestrated organs.Working together as a united alliance where all fabulous forces align into a finer and foreseeable future, filled with conscientious creative vision, inner hope and an unshakable belief in the vested powers of our own selves and the omnipotent power that infinitely flows through our sweetest and most sacred selves.

Kaelin and I are grateful to be supporting internationally acclaimed, raw food chef, Eric Rivkin, as we assist him in both Whistler and Vancouver, this joyful July. One delicious raw, vegan demo and two wondrously tasty workshops, where clients shall indulge their discerning taste-buds and get drunk on nature' s most intoxicating juices. Surely selling out of nut mylk bags and zucchini-slicing veggie spaghetti spirooli's. Referring to one more pure and precious page of Eric's bouncing baby of a bountiful book: "TO LIVE FOR," and skillfully dancing the soulful steps of once impoverished soul, now gratefully living the life of an instinctual and conscious being; meant to be eternally happy, healed and whole. After all and before anything else, isn't that what PEACE surely and deliciously is?

Katherine Marion


Evet the greatest poets, such as William Wordsworth knew ...

Due time for us all to write new and uplifting affirmations for our own loving life of poetry in magnificent motion!
Katherine Marion
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