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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

February Is For Zughetti And Snowballs Served With Love!

With freezing temperatures and frozen mud puddles, a raw fooder has to think some mighty warm thoughts to stay fuelled and invigorated. How do we do it, you may ask? Plenty of purifying hot showers and brave, healthy hearts swelling to the brim. Imaginations growing and loving energies flowing!

When we trust our instincts we bust out of the confines of conformity and do what is naturally and ultimately right, for ourselves and everyone else in our new and yummier universe. Allowing our souls desires to set sail on a sea of crystalline visualizations and sparkling wave of the highest intentions. All is real in a new and rawsome reality.

Set against a luminous background of wondrous white, a clear glass bowl highlights a succulent serving of savoury wheat and gluten free spaghetti, uncooked and soaking in its own naturally spicy juices. Enzymes intact and bursting with the fresh, ripe flavors of a world re-invented and ultimately, so invigoratingly inviting ...

A visit on Valentines Day to Eternal Abundance for a never big enough slice of the most tantalizing raw chocolate pie. A tasty treat to bring home for later, as I sit, dressed and dolled up, at my teak table, lit by candlelight, in a room filled with an appetite for all that is whole and happy. Melt in your mouth goodness is all any Goddess could ever wish for.

Nearing the end of the mouthwatering month, I wander inside, towards the warmth of a conscious community; attending my first raw potluck at East West Yoga. Sharing a magical meal with a couple of dozen yoga diva's and divinely rawk'n gods, devouring the finest and freshest a rawstruck world has to so generously offer. Bliss cake blessed with coconut and lovingly prepared by Roxanne ( www.raw meet-up.com ). Smiles and sunshine sumptuously served up on a most refreshing winters afternoon.

Blissed out and looking inside for all questions easily answered. The truth never lies. Only awaits ...

Rawsomely Returning,